lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

Let´s go to the theatre !!!

A los alumnos de primer ciclo, nos ha encantado el teatro en inglés, ¡hemos cantado y bailado!

Molly and Joe live in a little house in a little town by the sea. Joe is a fisherman. Every day,
he rows his boat out to sea to catch fish. His wife, Molly, sells the fish to the people in
the town. Their life is simple and they are happy!
Until one day, Joe catches a magic fish. The fish can talk and he can sing! His name is Sushi. He
begs Joe to set him free, and promises to grant him a wish in return. Joe can wish for anything
he wants: a new house, new clothes, money... anything in the world.
Molly and Joe’s happy life is soon turned upside-down by the amazing powers of this magic fish,
but Molly becomes greedy and asks for more and more. All the things she thought would make
her happy have the opposite effect, and the fish’s magic starts to go horribly wrong…
‘A Fishy Tale’ is a story with a moral based on the popular children’s fairy tale ‘The Fisherman and
his Wife’ by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Algunos alumnos del tercer ciclo ¡hemos sido actores por un día!

Welcome to Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham in England. Times are
difficult and the Sheriff of Nottingham is greedy. He wants all the money in
England for himself!
Today is tax day. Everybody must pay money to the Sheriff of Nottingham, or
they will go to prison! But Robin Hood has a plan to stop the Sheriff. She is a
generous girl who lives in the forest, and together with her friends the Merry
Men, she loves to take money from the rich and give it back to the poor.
In a story based on the popular English legend, join Robin Hood, Maid
Marian, Little John and Friar Tuck on an exciting adventure to defeat the evil
Sheriff of Nottingham and restore justice to medieval England.

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